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Research Interests

I am a die-hard combinatorialist. My current research is in geometric combinatorics with connections to applied algebraic geometry and optimization. I am studying realization spaces of polytopes and matroids. In particular, I am interested in correspondence between the algebraic properties of slack ideals and the geometric and combinatorial structure of the polytopes and matroids. 

I also still think about problems and objects that have applications in digital communication. In the past, I have studied Golay sequences and arrays, peak sidelobe levels of binary sequences, and I wrote my Master's thesis on the subject of complex equiangular lines (also known as SIC-POVMs to those studying quantum information theory).

Research Interests


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Sept 2023: WCOM, Simon Fraser University, Canada (Program Committee Member)

Aug 2023: MAA MathFest, Tampa, Florida (Project NExT Fellow)

Jun 2023: CanaDAM, University of Winnipeg, Canada (20 minute invited talk in "Design Theory and Coding Theory" minisymposium)

May 2023: Circuit Diameters and Augmentation: Recent Advances in Linear and Integer Optimization, CU Denver, Denver, Colorado (Invited Workshop Speaker)

Mar 2023: Gender Equity in the Mathematical Study (GEMS) of Combinatorics, American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California (Invited Workshop Participant)

Jan 2023: JMM, Boston, Massachussetts (Project NExT Fellow)


Aug 2022: MAA MathFest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Project NExT Fellow)

Jul 2022: Tutte Colloquium, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada, Virtual

Jun 2022: CAIMS Annual Meeting, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Hybrid (Optimization theme organizer)

Apr 2022: Emergent Research: The PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow Seminar, Canada, Virtual 

Mar 2022: Operations Research/COCANA Seminar, Simon Fraser University, Canada 

Feb 2022: Discrete Math Seminar, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Virtual 

Feb 2022: Cominatorics and Geometry Seminar, UW, Seattle, Washington 


Dec 2021: CMS Winter Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, Virtual (Attendee)

Sept 2021: Gender Equity in the Mathematical Study (GEMS) of Combinatorics, Virtual (Attendee)

Aug 2021: SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry, Texas A&M, College Station, Texas, Virtual (25 minute invited talk in "Symbolic Combinatorics"session)

July 2021: Convex Geometry Minicourse, MPI Leipzig, Germany, Virtual (Organizer)

June 2021: Workshop on Mathematics and Racial Justice, MSRI, Berkeley, California, Virtual (Attendee)

June 2021: CMS Summer Meeting, Ottawa, Canada, Virtual (Attendee)

May 2021: CanaDAM, Canada, Virtual (Attendee)

May 2021: WCOM, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Canada, Virtual (Attendee)

May 2021: Combinatorics Seminar, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Virtual 

May 2021: AMS Sectional, San Francisco State University, California, Virtual, (25 minute invited talk in ''Special Session on Algebraic and Combinatorial Aspects of Polytopes'')

April 2021: Graduate student meeting on Applied Algebra and Combinatorics​, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Virtual, (25 minute contributed talk) 

April 2021: (Polytop)ics, MPI Leipzig, Germany, Virtual (Attendee)

April 2021: Discrete Math Seminar, Simon Fraser University, Canada, Virtual

April 2021: Algebraic Combinatorics Seminar, University of Waterloo, Canada, Virtual

February 2021: Introductory Workshop: Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry, ICERM, Virtual, (Attendee)


December 2020:  Women in Combinatorics Colloquium, Virtual

July 2020: ICMS 2020, TU Braunschweig, Germany, Virtual, (Attendee)

May 2020 (POSTPONED): Chow Lectures, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany (introductory lecture)

April 2020 (POSTPONED): Graduate student meeting on Applied Algebra and Combinatorics​, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (contributed talk)

March 2020: Combinatorial Coworkspace — a session in algebraic and geometric combinatorics, Haus Bergkranz, Kleinwalsertal, Austria (Invited participant)

Februrary 2020: Research Seminar on Discrete and Convex Geometry, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany​​


December 2019: Research Retreat of the Thematic Einstein Semester "Algebraic Geometry - Varieties, Polyhedra, Computation", Döllnsee, Germany (Attendee)

December 2019: Women in Symbolic Algebra and Computations, Bad Dürkheim, Germany (20 minute invited talk)

December 2019: Einstein Workshop on Polytopes and Algebraic Geometry, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany (Organizer)

October 2019: Discrete Geometry Seminar, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

October 2019: Opening conference of the Thematic Einstein Semester "Algebraic Geometry - Varieties, Polyhedra, Computation", Freie Universität Berlin, Germany (Attendee)

June 2019: International Conference on Network Games, Tropical Geometry, and Quantum Communication, Zuse Institute Berlin, Germany (Attendee)

May 2019: CanaDAM, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (20 minute invited talk in "Combinatorial Optimization" minisymposium)


In Autumn 2018, I started a graduate student optimization seminar at the University of Washington. I organized the seminar for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

August 2018: Visiting student, University of Coimbra, Portugal

July 2018: ISMP, Bordeaux, France (25 minute talk in ''Algebraic and geometric aspects of semidefinite programming'' session)

June 2018: ECCO 18, Barranquilla, Colombia (25 minute talk in ''Polytopes'' session)

May 2018: Discrete Math Seminar, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

April 2018: AMS Sectional Meeting, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon (25 minute talk in ''Special Session on Commutative Algebra'')

March 2018: Discrete Geometry Seminar, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

February-March 2018: Visiting Student, MPI, Leipzig, Germany (50 minute talk in ''Seminar on Nonlinear Algebra'')​​

October 2017: Geometric and topological combinatorics: Modern techniques and methods, MSRI, Berkeley, California (Attendee)

September 2017: Introductory Workshop: Geometric and Topological Combinatorics, MSRI, Berkeley, California (Attendee)

August 2017: Bridging Continuous and Discrete Optimization Boot Camp, Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, Berkeley, California (Attendee)

August 2017: SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia (25 minute talk in minisymposium on ''Semidefinite Optimization and Convex Algebraic Geometry'')

July 2017: Applied Macaulay2 Tutorials, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia (Attendee)​


November 2016: Combinatorial Potlatch, Seattle University, Seattle, Washington (Attendee)

August 2016: Summer School on Real Algebraic Geometry and Optimization, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia (Attendee)

January 2016: Joint Meetings, Seattle, Washington (Attendee)​


​January 2015: Mathematics of Communications: Sequences, Codes and Designs Workshop, BIRS, Banff, Canada (Attendee)




M. Sc.

2022 - 

Yiwen Chen, UBCO

2023 - 

Jeremiah Yoder, UBCO


May - Aug 2023

Nathania Hendradjaja, UBCO (Work Study)



Here is the current version of a Macaulay2 package that can be used to construct and manipulate slack ideals. It is also available with the current distribution of Macaulay2. If you find errors in it, have questions or suggestions, please email me. 

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