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Amy Wiebe

Freie Universität Berlin

I'm currently working with the Discrete Geometry group at FU Berlin. I enjoy studying interesting combinatorial problems, cooking (and eating!), dancing, binge watching Netflix, and vacationing in Las Vegas.

For 2021/22, I will be an NSERC/PIMS postdoctoral fellow at SFU. In fall 2022, I will join the faculty at UBC Okanagan as an assistant professor.​

I did my PhD at the University of Washington under the supervision of Rekha Thomas. I also have a Master's degree from Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Jonathan Jedwab

On this site you can find my CV, and information about my research and teaching.

I was an active participant in the UW student chapter of the AWM and am a member of the Network of Women in Combinatorics